Ocean Container Delivery

Utilizing the Ports of New York and New Jersey we can provide same day pick up and delivery of Ocean Containers to: NY,NJ,CT,PA,MD,RI,DE,MA and New Hampshire. 

*We pride ourselves on the fact our customers containers are picked up and returned in a timely manner. 

Without incurring and demurrage or per-diem charges. 

*We have a pool of 20’ & 40’ tri-axle chassis that ensure a safe and legal delivery of overweight containers.

*We carry interchange agreements/ insurance requirements with all steamship lines and rail roads.

The use of shipping containers began over 50 years ago. Although it may take more time for Long Island ocean container delivery from port to port, the bulk transport on a ship creates an enormous difference in fuel efficiency in comparison to using truck or aircraft. A larger shipment by sea can handle literally thousands of containers a year and hundreds in one trip. When comparing this with moving the same volume via air, rail or truck, the Long Island ocean container delivery is substantially more economical.